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Standing vs. Sitting while working?

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Lately, there is a lot of discussions on the internet about whether is it healthier to stand or sit during the work. Many people have to stand during the working hours and we are sure that they don’t like that, but we are speaking here about the people who mostly work in the offices and sit all day in the chairs.

The newest case studies have proved the fact that long sittings have a lot of bad effects on your body and that lowers your productivity. So, many employers considering buying standing desks for its employees in order to improve their working conditions.

Let’s see the health benefits of these standing desks in Joseph Stromberg’s article which he published for Smithsonian site.

Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Spending more of your day standing could reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

There was a time when standing desks were a curiosity—used by eccentrics like Hemingway, Dickens and Kierkegaard, but seldom seen inside a regular office setting.

That’s changed, in large part due to research showing that the cumulative impact of sitting all day for years is associated with a range of health problems, from obesity to diabetes to cancer. Because the average office worker spends 5 hours and 41 minutes sitting each day at his or her desk, some describe the problem with a pithy new phrase that’s undeniably catchy, if somewhat exaggerated: “Sitting is the new smoking.”

Much of this research has been spurred by James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic. “The way we live now is to sit all day, occasionally punctuated by a walk from the parking lot to the office,” he recently said during a phone interview, speaking as he strolled around his living room. “The default has become to sit. We need the default to be standing.” Read the full artcile here.

Here are more proofs that standing is the better choice. Chris Pash has written an article for Bussines Insider about this subject.

Science has found more evidence of the benefits of standing desks

Students with standing desks are more attentive than their seated counterparts, according to a US study.

Preliminary results show 12% greater engagement in classrooms with standing desks which equates to an extra seven minutes per hour of engaged instruction time.

The findings, published in the International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, are based on a study of almost 300 children in second through fourth grade over 12 months.

Standing desks are raised with stools nearby, enabling students to sit or stand during class at their discretion.

Ergonomic engineer Mark Benden, an associate professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Centre School of Public Health, became interested in the desks as a means to reduce childhood obesity and relieve stress on the spine. Read the full artcile here.

So, it is obvious that sitting is killing us! Someone on the internet has said that sitting is the new smoking, and we agree with it. So, where you can find these standing desks? Here is a great source for you Sit-stand desk review. Click on this link to find out more information about this.

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montgomery social media marketing

Local Montgomery County companies increase brand value with social media marketing

Category : Bussines

The online world is huge and there are billions of users who log in daily for various purposes. If you can attract the attention of some people towards your products and services, it can do a world of good for your business. The very phrase social media marketing oozes out vibrant energy. It involves a lot of things that includes connecting, interacting and succeeding together with your targeted customers. If your business isn’t successfully engaging your potential customers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms, then you are losing out a huge market and a wonderful opportunity for customer retention.

“We build our campaigns around what’s most important to you, whether it be promoting your products, explaining your services, or gaining fans.” Read more…

Today, a lot of efforts are put to get the right people to take about your brand. In fact, these right people are social influencers and if you can get these people to talk about your brand, then your business will flourish in a big way. If you hire the services of a professional digital marketing company, you will get a sea of traffic for your business. They will devise innovative social media campaigns to engage interested customers on various platforms. You will get a lot of mileage and also earn a lot of profits with innovative social media strategies.

“Whether your business is in real estate, consumer products, or nonprofits, our social media management services position your business for success.” Read more…

So, if you have a new business and want to make it known in the online world, you have to opt for social media marketing services from a professional internet marketing company like

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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

When moving, there is a lot that home and office owners can do on their own and still have their move a success. However, most of them will opt to hire professional movers for various reasons. Some don’t want the heavy workload on their hands, others want to save money, some want advanced moving equipment and others want a better service. As a matter of fact, you cannot compare the professional approach with the ordinary one. Those are two worlds set apart. The professional removals will ever seem to come with better results. That’s why we are going to check on why the home and office owners should consider hiring professional movers on their next move.

  • Better organization and packing

A successful move starts from the word go. On your own, you might not be able to come up with a strategy for organized packing or an idea of what comes first and what goes last. On the other hand, the experts have down it for years. Their organization will be professional and the packing even for valuables will be far away from what you can do. The science of packing is in their blood, and it just flows automatically to keep away complications that are very much likely to come your way if you opt for DIY moving. Once you get to the other side, unpacking and reorganizing is made a simple task if you engage the professional movers initially.

  • Lesser risk

The moment you decide to carry on with a DIY move, you opt for a personal burden. All the risks and the dangers will be on your back. In case they happen, you will suffer alone. Considering that you might not know the pitfalls that might bring forth moving risks, you are more vulnerable to experiencing the hotness of moving dangers. That’s why you need to consider a professional mover who takes on the risks as his own. You give them the responsibility to pack and deliver your items in good state which they agree by signing the contract. If anything happens along the way, then they pay for damages.

  • It’s cost-effective

That’s force for the DIY-passionate guys. However, there are so many things that revolve around costs when moving. First, you don’t have the necessary equipment, which calls for moving equipment hire. Second, in case of damages, you will have to buy another item. Third, you waste too much valuable time with DIY moving which you could spend otherwise in other productive ways. Bringing all these factors together, we conclude that hiring professional moving service is not a gamble but the best option for money saving purposes.

  • You can sit back and relax

Moving is associated with the most stressful things in the world. By agreeing to pass the stress to a professional mover, then you are assured of peace of mind.

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Snake Removal in Montgomery County

Category : Home

Snakes are among the most common fears in the United States. Even though there are not a lot of poisonous snakes, the fact that there are any means that people are afraid of all of them. Because we are unwilling to look up which types are poisonous and learn about the differences between different kinds of snakes, it is much easier just to assume that they are all equally dangerous. People are the same way with spiders. There are not a lot of spiders that are a danger to us, but because there are few like the black widow and the brown recluse, people have an irrational fear of all spiders.

Because of people’s fear of snakes, it is important to get a snake removal expert to transplant snakes from your public areas to a safer environment at least once a year. Public areas may include city parks, outdoor shopping areas, and museum gardens in your area – any area where a lot of people visit each day. Typically the best time to handle your snake in Montgomery County is in the late spring or early summer. This is when there are a larger number of snakes, and you will be able to remove them all from your property and make sure that they are put somewhere safe like the woods.

snake_pythonSome property managers think that it is a good idea to try to remove snakes in Maryland from their property on their own. While it is doable, we do not typically suggest it. The removal of snakes requires a lot of careful skill, protective gear, and knowledge. Each snake is a little different and will react differently to being touched by a human. Some snakes will accept being touched, others will bite, and the dangerous ones may inject poison into the people who capture them. In addition to worrying about your safety, you should also be concerned with the safety of the snakes. You are probably unaware of the proper ways to handle snakes. You are also probably unaware of the humane standards for transplanting a snake from its chosen environment to one that is safer for it as well as the property owners.

A Humane Approach

A humane snake removal expert will be aware of the proper ways to handle a snake. He will also have the equipment necessary to protect himself from any snake bites. Finally, he will know exactly where to move the snake to ensure that the snake will be able to survive and will not be in immediate danger.

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Chiropractic Treatment Options in MD

Category : Health

Rockville Chiropractors include a variety of different treatments, both old and new, that have been proven to aid in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. When most people think about a chiropractor, they imagine spinal adjustment treatment. While this is the most common and most traditional treatment that chiropractors use, there are many other techniques including some made possible with modern technology. Keep on reading to learn about each of the most common chiropractor treatments used at Rockville Chiropractors locations.

Spinal Adjustment

Spinal adjustment techniques are considered the main treatment in chiropractic care facilities. Chiropractors take part in training to learn the proper techniques for adjusting a patient’s spine. During our daily lives or as a result of a traumatic experience like a car accident, our spines may be forced out of the proper positioning. The idea behind spinal adjustment is to guide the spine back into the proper positioning over time.



Traction is among chiropractic patients’ favorite treatments. In some ways, traction is similar to a massage, but it is also much different. For this treatment, the patient lies down on a traction table. While laying down, a cylinder rolls up and down the table at a set pressure and pace. This table works to relieve the pressure put on the spine, and many patients feel better immediately after their traction treatment. In some ways, the effects traction tables are similar to the affects you would receive from using a foam roller on your back. Of course, the traction table takes much less effort from you and is much more effective.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a more modern approach to chiropractic care, but it is an important one to use. The treatment offers patients with a non-invasive alternative to acupuncture and surgery. It is also a long-term, non-addictive treatment that eliminates many concerns about drug treatments. The cold laser therapy is used to target known acupuncture trigger points or to reduce pain and stimulate quicker healing.

Massage Therapy

Many chiropractors have chosen to work in combination with massage therapists. Some chiropractic offices even have a massage therapist on staff and offer the therapy as part of their treatment plans. The general idea behind chiropractic care is to eliminate the need for drugs and surgery in relieving pain and fixing injuries. Therefore, the principles of massage therapy align very well with the principles of chiropractic care, and the two treatments work in tandem to provide the best results for patients.

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Montgomery County Waste Management

Category : Home

The environment is something that humans become more concerned about each and every day. Because of the growing concerns for the protection of our environment, a lot of very different kinds of companies are finding new ways to do business based on environmental restrictions as well as an interest in saving the environment for our children. Action dumpsters in MD, Montgomery County – waste management companies, are hoping to do their part in saving the environment, and they are turning to their consumers to help them with this very important task. Read below for some of the fundamentals of waste management according to Action Dumpsters waste management professionals.

action-rentalsAs a consumer, whether you are an individual or a large business, it is important to get rid of all of your waste in a responsible way. Especially when it comes to hazardous waste, a lot of companies are not entirely sure about how to get rid of their waste. Because both individuals and companies struggle with waste management, it is suggested that you hire a company to manage your waste for you. Laws concerning the environment are becoming increasingly strict. It took a lot of expertise to come up with the laws and regulations, and many argue that it takes a certain level of expertise to abide properly by these laws and regulations. This expertise is something that the good waste management companies will have.

When you are searching for a Montgomery County waste management company, you need to make sure that the company can handle all of your waste management needs. Do you have biohazards? Do you have a lot of recyclable waste? Do you take part in a compost system? These are the questions that you should ask yourself when you are choosing a company because you want to make sure that the company that you choose can handle all of the different types of waste that you need to dispose of.

Benefits of Professional Waste Management

Many people wonder why they should hire a waste management company when they can simply take their trash to the dump for a lower price. Because of the convenience that waste management companies have, a lot of them can remove your trash for a lower price than it would take for you to take your waste to the dump. Of course, the main reason that people use waste management companies is that moving trash is a huge (and often smelly) hassle. It is so much easier to have someone stop by once or twice a week to collect your trash than it is for you to haul it out to the dump. A waste management company will also provide you with a recycling program that will help you be a more environmentally responsible person. Finally, by hiring a waste management company, you are helping put some jobs back into the economy so that we have lower unemployment rates and fewer people living in poverty.

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A Guide To Buying Tennis Shoes

Category : Health

A Guide To Buying Tennis ShoesTennis shoes are a great addition to any wardrobe, whether you’re a tennis player or just a person who likes their style. It’s a comfortable shoe flat feet people or those with high arches can appreciate. An exceptional pair of quality tennis shoes is essential, whether you prefer playing tennis, or you just plan to wear them for a day of walking.

These types of shoes have been specially developed to not only provide comfort but to also protect the user from injuries. Because of the cushion on the heel part, the regular tennis shoes provide assistance for better form and movement, resulting in more efficient movement.

There are different considerations when you’re looking for the perfect pair of tennis shoes to add to your wardrobe. First and foremost is the surface of the tennis court. The impact and pressure that your foot gets is different if you’re playing on a concrete surface or on grass. Your shoe’s tread on the sole is highly likely to decrease over time when playing on rough courts. This reduces the traction and increases your chances of slipping while playing.

It’s also essential to consider the uniqueness of your feet when choosing the perfect tennis shoes. Some of us have flat feet or high arches and the different shapes of our feet require different features in a pair of tennis shoes. In order to correct this, wearing shoe inserts inside your shoes is going to be helpful. Shoe inserts provide the cushion and support needed for a day of playing tennis. They help to prevent strain and stress on the knees, ankles, and calves. Moreover, since pain and discomfort is prevented, other relative pains experienced in the back, neck, and hips are also alleviated. A corrected stance is also a unique feature of using sole inserts, which can be especially helpful during a game of tennis, because achieving the right form is important.

Generally, your preference matters when it comes to the style and color. The moment you pick the tennis shoes that you like, just ensure that, like any other shoe that you’re buying, you allot an allowance of half an inch so your feet will have a little bit of room for movement. Also, make sure that you fit in the shoe before buying it. Walk around the shop and give the shoe some time for your feet to adjust to the shoe before buying it. When shopping online, just make sure that you can return the product in case the fit isn’t perfect.

Whether you’re playing a match of tennis or spending your day walking around, a good and well-fitted pair of tennis shoes can be a great companion. A quality pair is needed if you want to make the most out of every match of tennis you play. Athletic shoes are needed if you want to get the most out of every tennis game you play. More than the brand, the style, or the color, choosing the right fit of shoe is the most essential.

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Summer Heat & Keeping Back Pain in Check

Category : Health

Summer Heat & Keeping Back Pain in CheckPeople who suffer from back pains will often feel relief in the heat, but there are many whose pain actually worsens during extremely hot days and these individuals often find it hard to deal with their discomfort. For those in the latter camp, TENS electrodes( can be a welcome relief for back pains.
Many of you may absolutely thrive during the summer season, but there are others who find that their agonizing back pain simply becomes untenable at this time of the year. If you find that the heat is increasing your level of back pain, then it may be time to start using a TENS units along with some top-quality TENS unit electrodes. These devices are one of the smartest ways to provide relief from chronic back pains.
Use Syrtenty 2″ Square TENS Unit Electrode Pads For the Best Form of Relief
Many of our readers may be hearing about TENS units and TENS unit electrodes for the first time today. If that’s the case, you may be asking yourselves how these devices can help eliminate back pain.
Pain and suffering will become a thing of the past when you use a TENS unit. The key benefits of utilizing one of these machines along with Syrtenty 2″ Square TENS unit pads include:

  • Eliminates lower back pains
  • Stimulates nerves to alleviate pain
  • Calms inflammation that causes back pain
  • Inhibits nerve pain, which helps to improve overall health

If you’re suffering from any type of pain, then it’s in your best interest to start using Syrtenty 2″ Square TENS unit pads with your TENS unit in order to stimulate your nerves and encourage your body to heal.
TENS unit electrode pads need to be incredibly high-quality in order to provide the greatest form of relief. That’s why we only suggest you buy Syrtenty 2″ Square TENS unit pads. They’re the best product on the market today.
Why Choosing Syrtenty 2″ Square TENS Replacement Pads Can Help with Your Pain Relief Needs
Although we’ve mostly focused on the use of TENS units for back pain relief, these devices are actually quite useful for helping with a lot of different types of pain.
Some of the things that these incredible devices can help with include:

  • arthritis discomfort
  • sports-related injuries
  • neck pain
  • knee aches

If you’re experiencing any type of severe pain, especially discomfort that’s caused by the brutal summer heat, then it’s in your best interest to start using a device like this and to always make sure you have the best electrodes when you do.
We personally recommend Syrtenty electrodes for the following reasons:

  • They’re universally compatible with all TENS units
  • They’re soft and self-adhesive
  • They deliver the maximum charge and are very comfortable and flexible
  • They come in a resealable package
  • They’re pre-gelled and hypoallergenic

Are you finally ready to prevent the back pain you’re experiencing due to the blistering summer sun? If that’s the case, then don’t hesitate to pick up some Syrtenty 2″ Square TENS electrodes for your TENS unit to ensure you fully experience all the benefits these devices can offer.

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The Importance of Vaccination

Category : Health

The Importance of VaccinationWhen your child is very young, one of the most important scientific advancements that you can take advantage of is a forehead thermometer for babies( These have come a long way, and can be a real life-saver for parents wondering if their kid has a fever. As your child gets older, you’ll want to take advantage of another modern scientific wonder: vaccinations.
Doctors recommend that parents bring their children in for vaccination shots at some point in their youth. Vaccines given are usually for measles, chickenpox, and tetanus. They’re designed to prevent a child from getting a life-threatening illness in the future, and to prevent such illnesses and diseases from spreading throughout the population. Records have shown that even ancient Chinese doctors administered vaccine shots for chickenpox and polio.
One of the common side effects of vaccinations is the possibility of a fever right after the vaccination shot. This is perfectly normal, but, after the vaccination shot, it’s a good idea to closely monitor your child’s body temperature by using an accurate forehead thermometer to give you the exact body temperature of your child. If the child has a fever, you may give them a dose of ibuprofen to treat the fever. However, vaccination shots should not cause high fever and should not last for more than 2 days. If this is the case, you may call the attention of the doctor right away, as it’s likely a symptom of a completely separate illness. Side effects of vaccination shots differ from one child to another, however, they’re almost never life-threatening.
On the Internet, you’ll find all sorts of articles claiming more serious side effects that can be caused by various vaccinations, from diabetes to autism. These, however, are almost all based on single, often later discredited studies and are countered by numerous scientific inquiries. No vetted scientific study has ever found a link between any vaccines given to children or adults and any serious disease or disorder. Vaccines not only protect the children they’re administered to, but they prevent the spread of disease and illness by making sure that enough of the population is inoculated. As any parent knows, schools can be like a petri dish for germs and common colds. Unfortunately, this same environment is what helps spread things like chickenpox and measles. These diseases were once life-threatening, like polio, which was cured thanks to vaccination, but they’re now quite manageable as vaccinations have helped minimize their impact. The less children vaccinated, however, and the more room these diseases have to grow.
There is currently an on-going debate on whether or not it should be mandatory that parents have their children vaccinated. The benefits of such a thing are clear. The children are going to be protected from a variety of illnesses that could otherwise be either difficult or expensive to treat, making it a sound decision. We all want what’s best for our children, and making sure they’re healthy is paramount. Thanks to decades of scientific research and study, we as a society know how beneficial vaccinations can be for our children and the community at large. You’d never raise a child without a high-quality thermometer and boxes of bandages in the medicine cabinet, and you’d never leave your child and their peers susceptible to diseases like chickenpox and MMR. Luckily, thanks to the power of vaccines, you never have to.

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Why A Neck Traction Collar Can Give You Relief From Neck Pain

Category : Health , Traveling

Pain.An effective therapy used to relieve tension in your neck caused by either trauma or anxiety is the use of a neck traction collar. Not only can this relieve the pain you’re feeling, but it can promote better blood circulation to this area of your body, and also help with proper nerve function. There are many symptoms that you may experience, which may include numbness, tingling, shoulder pain, and neck pain that you’ll want to resolve as quickly as you can. You may also have headaches every day, and by using a cervical traction device, you should be able to resolve these issues.

What You May Be Experiencing
What you may be experiencing in your neck could be one or more of the following. It could be a herniated disc, or a bulging disc, both of which can cause discomfort. If it’s a neck strain that occurred as the result of an accident that has recently happened, all of these things can be resolved using a neck traction device. In the same way that people who suffer from middle to lower back pain will use an inversion table to stretch or decompress their spine, this same strategy is used in the cervical spine area, one of the most delicate portions of the spine which is the easiest to injure.

How To Choose The Right Cervical Traction Device
The best ones tend to be those recommended by medical professionals, although they can also be the most expensive. The better idea might be to use one that has been recommended by actual customers that are using these devices every day. People like to talk about the success or failure that they’ve had with products that they’ve spent money on. Once you’ve found a few of them that have an exceptional amount of positive feedback, you can try one of them to see how they’ll work for you.

How Long Will It Take To See Significant Results?
Pain.It may take several weeks for you to actually regain your mobility and diminish the pain that you’re feeling. If it’s a compression problem in the spine, the vertebrae may take quite a while to decompress, and in doing so, you can eliminate pinched nerves that may actually be causing the problem. After you’ve used one or more of the devices, you’ll know which one will work best for you. Just be sure to purchase one that’s actually well-built with quality materials so that it doesn’t become damaged easily.

These are very good devices to use for anyone that’s sitting quite a bit, especially people that are staring at a computer all day. Their neck is going to be bent perpetually, and with a repetitive twisting motion, it’s the perfect prescription for developing this type of neck pain. Once you’re done using this for a treatment, you should have very little or no problems at all. Spinal decompression is a great way to eliminate cervical neck pain, and these neck traction devices can really help resolve problems.